Fashion, Future and Revolution.

At the heart of our brand, we ponder a sincere vision—a future where fashion becomes a gateway to greater beauty, love, and happiness for humanity.

We contemplate the values that should guide our sartorial choices in life, questioning where the myriad designs and brands in the market are leading us.Fashion's conventional norms often deplete the very essence of our existence and sap our future's vitality. It's time for us all to shift our course, not just with superficial adjustments but with profound transformations.

We believe that the future of fashion, something that impacts all of us, is in need of change – and that's why we call it a "revolution."

“Belief in the fashion revolution's tangible transformation – that's Knit”

For a decade, we've honed our focus on an age-old knitting technique—one that crafts garments directly from yarn, bypassing the need for fabric.

Imagine a world where we fashion clothing without the traditional wastefulness, where we channel our energy towards a sustainable future.

Living within the realm of knits, we've conducted over ten thousand tests and designs using cutting-edge 3D knitting machines at our knit factory. We've unearthed the true value of this approach. Recent strides in knitting machine technology and yarn development further reinforce our conviction and accelerate our innovation.

“Embracing a revolutionary mindset and an innovative approach to knit fashion”

Our mission is to push the boundaries of Knitwear design and quality, making it an integral part of every facet of your daily life. We dare to challenge the limits of knitwear, so that every garment within your grasp can transform into a knit masterpiece.

We redefine knitwear with a fresh and practical approach to knit design.

Our passion for art and design fuels our relentless pursuit of crafting the most exquisite and comfortable knitwear. We take pride in shaping ergonomic yet iconic silhouettes, striving to become the ultimate knitwear brand for the new generation.

"Knitwear like you've never seen before, a truly unique experience."

RVN's innovative tailoring technique, meticulously honed through extensive experimentation, transcends the conventional constraints of knit design. It seamlessly melds the inherent comfort of knits with groundbreaking aesthetics, pushing the boundaries of what knitwear can achieve. Our creations boast flawless silhouettes, an array of captivating colors, delicate stitches adorning sleeves and lapels, customizable shoulder structures tailored to your unique body shape, and distinctive piping stitch details that gracefully accentuate the waistline. With RVN, knitwear becomes a canvas for redefining self-expression.

In everyday life, every moment is a runway —'Life as a Runway'

Each day, we make clothing choices that enable us to authentically express ourselves, whether it's among the people we encounter, the places we visit, or the activities we engage in. Our desire is to be recognized for our comfortable and stylish attire by those who value living in the present moment while looking forward to tomorrow.

We aspire to turn your everyday life into a runway through our innovative knitwear designs. We’ll turn your daily life into a runway with our innovative knitwear designs, walking alongside you on your journey.

RVN is Knit.We believe that the future of fashion requires a revolution.

RVN innovates knitwear at the highest level by designing and producing the most beautiful clothes that can be expressed through knit."We aspire to share the future of fashion and the innovation of knitwear with a global audience, inspiring happiness and confidence in you."