New York, since 2012

RVN was found in NYC in 2012
by Ted Kim, the Creative Director, and Soomi Kim.
Ted Kim was a chief designer for Max Mara,
and an executive VP of ANNE KLEIN's Global Design.
Soomi Kim has devoted herself to R&D in fashion
for over 20 years, mainly in Europe and the US.
RVN is everything they worked for:
'A modern and innovative approach
to aesthetic perfection and comfort.'
 For them, "Fashion is not evolution; It's REVOLUTION."





Completely Different Knitwear

RVN has overcome limits of design in knitwear.
RVN's innovative tailoring technology was created
from countless experiments.
This technology allows RVN to create knitwear
that tailors to comfort and designs that has never existed.
RVN is the new approach to self-expression and silhouette.
Its expressive colors,
exquisite stitching on sleeves and lapels,
shoulder designs that tailor to different body shapes,
and signature piping stitch around the waistline
will revolutionize how knit is worn.






Our clothes express who we are,
the people we meet and where we go everyday.

RVN is for people who live the moment
and prepare for tomorrow.
RVN design is comfortable and sophisticated,
perfectly versatile for business and everyday life
whichever you choose.

RVN's colors and silhouettes
will make your each day a runway.

Global celebrities chose RVN:
RVN leggings by Beyonce
at Super Bowl Opening Ceremony
with 100 million people,
RVN jackets by Taylor Swift and Alicia Keys on stage,
and RVN dress adored by Oprah Winfrey
on her talk shows.

RVN wants you to shine, anytime, anywhere -
to stand on your own runway.




Our Values for Sustainability

RVN applies zero-waste technology
to its design and production with sincere dedication
from all participating artisans.
RVN is constantly looking for ways
to minimize textile waste
and aims for sustainable product design.

RVN's commitment to sustainability
is part of its brand value,
which is responsibly implemented in every collection.